About the PolyWobble

The Outline to Wrenrock graphics, affectionately named the “PolyWobble”, is a unique design. A distinguising graphical device to which wrenrock.org and it’s owner claims copyright over, 2018.


It is devised as a dynamic design to portray an energetic image. Whilst seeming almost doodle-ish in it’s appearance, it is in fact, a precisely structured polygon. It may fool the eye into thinking it is uneven, though that appearance is an optical illusion that is adopted and enjoyed by the Owner of wrenrock in extension to their manifesto.

On an aside, it rather moves me to think of it as a Tree.

The precise description of the “PolyWobble” graphical device is thusly;

“A black square contains an irregular decagon, the sides of which denote the overlaying of a smaller square that is rotated to be point up and two isoceles triangles, counterposed in angle, of the base length and height equal to the smaller square’s diagonal length. The smaller square is centrally placed, with the triangles overlayed such that their base lines intercept the top and bottom points of the smaller square and the ‘peak’ of the other triangle. This being with each baseline parallel to the horizontal axis.”