An Appetite for Distrust/Shun

The roll-over of the wave of generations is soon complete, and we observe the grit and silt dragged up somehow has avoided the latest generation until the last point of maturity. Where previous generations have dealt with the lies of television and hollywood, to find that dystopia is the inevitable work in progress, the deepest betrayal is currently etching into the children and younger adults of today.

The understanding that they, like we, have been mis-sold PPI I mean an illusion of selfhood somehow equalling success.

In the fevered dreams of marketers, the selling of an idea of self-marketting is like finding the cash-cow that milks itself. Personality, the empty calorie of culture, is the property being sold to thousands and BILLIONS to those who lack emotional connection to others in simulation of a community. We have been fish that swim, and now we are all finding eachother caught on the net.

Problem is, only those who are sought out are being told they can be anything, and will do almost anything to remain in their provident niche.

Why we have become this is a matter of light pattern stimulated habits, albeit a long-story with vanished news articles. I will pre-qualify this by stating I will try to prove my reasoning. Until I can I will leave that stone unturned. For now.

Trash talk is the language of the internet, you may think that it is english, but all I see is sloganised emotivity and memes. When we take a measure of the average frenetic linguistics of our keyboard bashing contemporaries (it was hard to think of a kind word for them), we see a tenacity to win any argument inversely proportioned with the ability to form  reasoned,  well structured arguments. While this is nothing new and has been happening since the dawn of Tabloids, we do see a more personal hint of corrosivity; A need to wage vendetta on a qwerty-outlined, unemotional wall with all the impressionability of a formica worktop.

Where then, does this corrosion proceed?

A generation of orphaned cubicle-kids, who in their viable lives with unviable futures find a hint of things that scares them, insecurity. Show me any human who cannot guarrantee their futre and you will see a cut-throat in the making, and we are making a nation of them. Why this is the case I may only speculate, but we must secure this season against the tides of endemic uncertainty.

More to follow..


Real Foundations for Virtual Business.

Been a  while since I posted last, bless you for coming back to read 😛 I suppose I had better describe my surroudings to allow you a mental view of my cosy settings. I am at the very least, warm, I have been keen on this given the weather, refrigerator-quality biting cold and spatters of ice water do no make for an inviting walk. I do not remember from childhood such unnatural cold, the vapour temperature tended to be analagous to air temperature in some way. Similarly, it is been a long time since I have seen a bright, eye-aching clear sky. Pollution I suppose is to blame, of one kind of another. I pray for the man made cataracts on the lens of earth to be removed.

So on a tangent, I left you bereft of my circumstance, a different coffee shop, related in part to my own employment by ownership. Dwelling deep in a private corner, musing on past actions and choice, you could spot me a mile off. Tablet, phone and keyboard in front of a small latte. Bearded and long haired, sporting a star wars top and feverishly tapping away at keys. I’d pass for hipster with a single tie-die item or woolen hat, perhaps I should sport a manbun/topknot affair, but then I’d be hipster in a KNOWING way, like I was being IRONIC, which would spin me off the deep end of fatuousness.

Still! that’s enough about my circumstance, at least my current coffee taking.I am looking at a screen, writing in what will soon be a three year old blog (as Wren Rock, I have posted as other things but that doesn’t apply here).

Reviewing my recent history, I have designed, created, invested and turned my mind to many an ulterior distraction all with the aims of achieving my bid to realise Wren Rock’s true foudation. A solid foothold with an intellectual property I am applying for the Patent of as soon  as possible. It is the beginning of a program of events wherein I hope to achieve many an invention, each aimed at advancing the state of music technology as a whole. This is for no other intention than to serve a sphere of culture and innovation that has brought me solace and  great friends. We each flow by our beats and harmonies, the more beautiful the friend, the more beautiful the music they love.
I am enraptured of, and serve beauty. There is room for a little ugly, funky and rocky kinda music in there, but you know, we all need grit in our picnics sometimes. 🙂

On my 33 birthday will be 3 years old, it has been twisting and relegating to my least uses. However it will be growing I assure you. From selling my VST software *due this year* and various music I have made. You’ll see a lot more of Wren Rock in 2017 ;P

Out of sight.

I find myself in the post late-brunch reverie that can only described as creatively alluring, a small gap of satiated thinking which causes me desire to share with you my writing. It has been a good two days, maybe not a traditional recovery of self from illness (read flu->chest infection over a fortnight), I was treated to the best of generosity and good times from friends from across the board.
And the best thing was, the more tired I got, the more determined I was to not let people down. Maybe it was the drunkeness, but I think it was more primal, I need my fellow humans.

That is a profound statement, being suspected of having suffered minor layers of depersonalisation and definitely being mysanthropic in my outlook.

The idea that I, as an entity, needed others was as incidental and passing as a breeze. Besides wanting a romantic partner, I had little use for socialising in the past. I did like people, obviously, but I didn’t need to form groups to get around and get by. I considered myself more of a cat type personality: If you’re my friend, I won’t chase you around, but when I see you it’ll be like no time has passed and it will be as always.
If you find that difficult, imagine assuming the worst in people, and only hanging onto those who prove themselves. It’s a self-defence and kind of quality control. It avoids disappointments, treachery and many other forms of social dickery.

But here I say it now, I believe something has come a little loose.

Forgive me if it seems obvious, but those people whom I have claimed as friends are still my friends even when I do not see them, and may still need me. It’s not about anything other that growing in the bonds that I know to be true. This weekend has been a carousel of incidental, and planned revelry that has completely overtaken my plans AND I LOVED IT.

I was not simply brought onboard, I was needed, it felt good.

At this point, out of sight does not mean out of mind when it comes to my friends.

That said, this weekend was OUT OF SIGHT.
P.S. I apologise for the apparent mushiness of this blog post, more stern and stoic blog posts to come in the future 😛

Become your Everest.

So it seems I blog better over a breakfast, I like this. It has a sense of routine that I find comforting, a measure of character more than time-keeping. While the last blog post was moreso in the morning time, and thusly  abrupt in my noticing of the vagueries of the world? This time I feel this evening brunch has left me in more of  a mellow disposition.

I look toward the monthly horizon in the same way so many seem to see the coming of the new year, and here is the problem I can see. There is a marrying of a sense of achievement to MAKING the  decision, rather than finishing what is begun. Catharsis in facing the problem and a sense of rightness.

While this is certainly an important step, it is THEN the process one wishes to engage, that must guide the way forward.

I long ago discovered that “New Year Resolutions” held as much weight as an anorexic gnat. It was in 1996, possibly it was ’98. I think I tried to the same resolution twice and in that reinforcement I understood something. If I wanted to learn my piano skills then that was a matter of telling myself something, and then resuming my old life after a month of novelty. Which is largely what becomes of these new year ideas.

There is one viable and useful method for growing your ability and scope on life. Expand on what you DO.
Remember, life is largely built on a series of comfortable habits we create to get by, with associations of appropriateness, anything not born from within this matrix of your life becomes relatively inauthentic.
Like anything that is fake, it may be nice, it may even be awesome to look at for a while. But the truth of the matter is that it is fake to you and, thusly, does not belong. Rejection is the end result.
Formative experiences mean that the things we are comfortable with are tied to survival and social instincts that mean our sense of appropriateness is effectively tied to fight and flight responses. If someone is actively discouraged from learning, say their mother tongue from early childhood, they will find that a strong indicator through fear or courage to take that challenge or run from it.
I personally found that my learning any form of performance was definitely frowned on from familial and social circles. Along with some self-derived  condemnations, it took me a while to even get to grips with music. I also found myself rejecting formal music education as well, not merely wanting to learn “how to play someone else’s music” The fear of every seedling composer 🙂

As result I pursued a path of composition that was as personal a means to me as possible. In the art of electronic music (or, indeed, any art), one is master unto oneself. As long as one has a medium-grade software able to process the user’s commands, the only limitation on the artist becomes the artists imagination and skill, a composer can summon forth soundscapes of great beauty and wonder.
This was immensely desirable to me, to bring feelings to others they had never previous dreamed of, to finally have my own art as I wanted to pursue it.
I loved Electronica and synth rock, and now I was able to master my own domain using my own taste, skill and discipline, all the validation of my personal appetites  came in one single artform. I loved it.

Herein lies the lesson, from my own neuroses and confirmation bias, I had decided what from the get go was acceptable in my daily habits. I had found my joy forming habits. Including writing. So I choose now to expand on this, and ME. Rather than to endlessly chase skills that ring empty in my regard. I am working on deconstructing my bias against forming habits I may find desirable in THEORY, but until then I see who I am and, I am happy to build on what is good already in my humble opinion. My monthly horizon is to build on my creative and personal habits that bring myself and others happiness, and it’s a climb each time.
I will never stop climbing.

Happy New Year to you from Wren Rock.

You may call this my “Grinch” post.

Now what is wrong, Chris? (That’s the editor, moi) you don’t seem cheerful and twinkly. Well it’s 9.42 A.M and I am an evening/night person, having not slept, I have deigned to unveil a little observation of 2016 that has truly put the spirit of the grinch in me, metaphorically. 2016 has had some of the most intense pressurised xmas ‘prepping’ from everyone, from Subway to Co-op, and from T.V Christmas “specials” to the onslaught of people who think that wearing reindeer horns and christmas puddin’ sweaters as soon as december 1st arrives is an acceptable way to raise children and/or get drunk.

It’s not even taking more time in the calender to do it! All the early marketing pretty much matches the previous years, it’s JUST.. What? The INTENSITY I suppose. Saturation, end to end of chocolates and sparkly cards.

P.S We SEE you, chocolate companies, with uniform sextoy-looking chocolate shells that go inside BOTH the easter bunny foil AND the santa foil! Sorry, someone had to say it, yes even the sex toy thing. (Oh and those reindeer things that are patently sitting rabbits).

So where were we?

Oh yes, the Christmaspocalypse, with adherents of the doomsday of tinsel proclaiming their loyalty by wearing kitschy tops and putting on christmas pop music. It’s the same cheer-leaders as those who organise office parties and WANT to, trying to ‘manufacture’ a ‘fun-time’ with props. The same quartz brained automatons whose only close friends are the spineless or brainless colleagues of their current/past place of work. All that is needed is the right amount of alcohol and the karaoke shall not waver, regardless of who is listening, or where they are.
The presumption of these are massive: Placing worse than average music that is feared by any right-thinking folk, and ruining a reasonable chilled or fun night for others by replacing what is known as ambience for what is known as poorly timed advertising.

Oh, the HORROR! Btw I mean horror, think of it;

In no other time in the english calender are we subject to such a god-awful (sorry, god, I know this is to be a time for your/you’re son and all, but Cliff Richard is getting more air time on t.v) -array of cliched, saccharin and insipid tunes designed to induce nostalgia for a season that too few of us have experienced.

It’s nearest contender is the Eurovision song contest and that is Less than a week.

It’s the ultimate muzac, the lullaby for “let’s be nice and not make waves, let’s pretend that our home lives are filled with love, with a fireplace inside and snow outside and we can all afford the nice presents, just like in that nice advert or old music video.”
It’s either that or the endless rehashes of mechanically made charity pop tunes that were first made in the eighties that, for some reason, noone seems to be able to leave alone. It’s like a good-will hunting form of necrophilia.

I almost balk at the idea of the modern sheaf of pop starlets and stars creating anything with artistic integrity that could match an actual song, with things like emotive tunes and song progression, but then I am an old fogey, I like my music to effect me. This said, I half-consider to myself what it might be like? For some talented something to create a NEW, understated christmas song. It would inevitably get pidgeon-holed by reason of it’s elemental nature, and most likely be kind of annoying.

But you know what? If it kills our obsession with “feed the world” and it’s post colonial condescension and lack of cultural understanding, go for it!!

Let’s break with the fakemas Reverie and wait for the winter season to call us to our loved ones, let’s get to what we know in winter, and be grateful.

I wish you a very non-cliched christmas, filled with genuine people loving genuine music.

Programming itinerary (personal note)

Route to take for programming;

Create text input/output program.

Create file save function for above program.

Create cypher routine for encrypting text files.

Create advanced cypher routine for encrypting text AND files.

Create Clock with text display.

Create Clock with Graphic display.

Create simple Calculator, text input.

Create simple calculator, GUI input.

Create Dynamic memory assignation method for other programs. (Based on input)

Create dynamic memory deassignator/file backup (virtual memory device)

Part 2 (Audio)

Create Metronome (visual)

Create Sine wave player.

Create Wave player

Create Metronome with Sound

Create VST adaptation

Create Synch/Chron routine for metronome (midi syncronising)

Create Simple oscillator synth

Create A.D.S.R  routine for simple synth