This is the online resource centre for all things to do with Maze Of Reverie, a neutral flavoured Role Playing System centered around human, naturalistic story telling. Play testing shall shortly commence over at a secured compound where only the most feral of dorks will slave away at refining it’s structure along with me. The end result will be a game that will be BETA tested with an installed campaign. If the feedback is good/great. We will make the whole thing a full release, tweaked and ready for the world to play along with. So, up for some fun?
Our vision: To have a system to cleanly & comprehensively cover all the base requirements of ANY storytelling game arc. To achieve this, is to reflect the past successes of other gaming systems, to which we owe our inspiration and respects. However, in all the distinguishing factors of this, my RPS qualifies itself as a unique gaming module. With characteristic challenges I hope enough for all to enjoy.

Game History
I remember when I first began getting back into Dungeons and Dragons. It was 2014, fairly early in the year and I was in a downward spiral, catalysed by a relationship that was destined to go nowhere and a job that barely supported me and became an equal cross to bear before it had come to an end. In escape I lodged myself in the happiest, geekiest distractions I could find, and in so doing I came across the great resource GeekandSundry. After a season or two of Wil Wheaton’s tabletop I soon became a fan also of “The Guild”, a nerdy comedy with a nuance so refined it outdoes any episode of the Big Bang Theory, imho.
(Okay, I realise Wil is in all of those, and now I feel like a stalker :/)

These became a lifeline where I had few distractions, I didn’t even have home internet at the time and so I hijacked cafe wifi at a local 24hr place to download whole episodes for home watching.  As I slowly ran out of tabletop and the guild and the rest to binge watch. I slowly came to search for other shows, and in the mix, somehow I came across Critical Role.
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the show, each ‘session’ being between 3 hours and 5 hours long, these voice actors who from the outset where obviously truly friends shared imagine adventures that could only inspire me to watch and play more.

I ended up joining the facebook fan group, which I suspect is frequented by more than one of the cast of the show (in disguise). Finding the calibre of the fans matched to quality of the show, people with empathy, creativity and respectful attitudes, an island in the internet where I have only seen Trollz’nLolz as a patina all over for years. It was refreshing, inviting and most of all, it was fun.

More than once I saw call outs from people who noone to play campaigns with, Groupless DM’s, DM’less players and so on. After a while, I made a promise to myself, if I saw someone post twice the same kind of request in this vein, I would just get to starting a group, and it happened. Fellow geek and organiser (name to be added with permission) and I got round to starting and recruiting for the Facebook Portal: “a Grand Journey”

Of course, like all social experiments, the life cycle is a matter of excitement/developing a pattern of recognition, and creating a structure of activities that one HOPES defeats the social malaise that people find after having the real world contend in everyones lives. This is natural, after the initial hype we all hopefully love the activities therein to be dedicated beyond the obstructions of everyday necessities, such that at least once a day/week/month, we connect with the community created and enjoy something.

I found that this has been (largely) created with a grand journey, a facebook fronted discord server that invited people in by the quality of their application. Those that had the energy and focus to dedicate to a semi-literate description of their ideas and goals, we found this a sufficient challenge to differentiate between mindless clickers and those who genuinely ‘clicked’ with the server over all.

Granted, there are lulls in activity, and as I have pushed through my own material and emotional concerns in life, I have found that this hub has become less of a focus to my actions. It still however is a fond locale of people who are dedicated to the idea of Role Playing and all pursuits geeky. It was here that I began to reawaken my internal critique of the game styles of what we played. From watching Critical Role, to playing D&D with friends from around the world, I found myself more and more wanting to push my ideals of what I thought a Role Playing game should be. There was a problem, I am, in all admission, a beardy geek. I did not want to be the guy who complains about D&D to people online. The Solution?

Make a new game.

Maze of Reverie is a solid selection of ideas and critiques of other game settings as a base to create a fresh, flexible and NEUTRAL role playing system. With room to expand into any potential story arc or aesthetic. It’s great for beginners because the character maps are relatable to human experience, not just in narrative terms, but as a relatable state of being. In this game I hope to create a humanistic roleplaying experience, with fantasy and sci-fi elements coming in later as an after thought. The story is human first, because the players are too.