If medical care & the alleviation of suffering is a justified & noble cause, then so too, is the alleviation of suffering of the inner condition. Art is the oldest route and means to this, a communication of our state of being and condition. The vital connection we draw from sharing in humanity, is a connection fundamental to community, & is the fundamental thread in the weave of our culture.

We cannot progress as a species, without unity of spirit in this endeavour. Where we see arts diminished and demeaned, culture and community soon follow. Nothing is ideal, but beauty & the world we live in deserve our reverence as the poets and visionaries show, because it lifts spirits, and opens our eyes to more. For the more we see the beauty of our surroundings, the more we feed our inner selves.
Otherwise we are left believing Reality is an Aesthetic Dystopia, where we project our ideals, hypnotised by the illusion, never knowing the value of being awake.

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It is my intention to create media and software that, in fact, alleviates stress or brings beauty as I see it, to the world. I feel it is my calling, & Wrenrock is my playground, my broadcast point, & my clarion. I will learn my way to new skills to achieve this and hone my ability to interface with this reality.

Mission: Wren Rock Enterprise Network is Reaping Of Cognition & Knowledge.

What this means: To use Ingenuity and Learning together to manifest the greatest potential of this human here, the humble Owner of this site.