Wren Rock is a variable purpose audio production service for EVERYONE. If you’ve never got your mix quite as you need it, I invite you to chat with me, where I will offer a free private consultation.

I will hope to impress you of my priorities and technical skills in the field of audio restoration and production. I have also customised software and tools unmatched in the professional field and I am moving to prove my claim in the coming days and weeks.

Wren Rock operates on a simple principle, “Do the best for those who can make great music.”

So, are you up to the challenge?

N.B. WrenRock is a small business but is very attentive to the needs of customers, please allow for a gap in response time until a secretarial service is in place!

For General Questions:

(english language preferred, but not essential)


What Formats do you work in / accept?

I currently accept all uncompressed formats with a preference to getting Stem Files. I normally work in 32 bit, 48kHz quality but can work with lesser samples if required, would just take a little more time potentially.

I output to CD/Production quality on payment, but before this only snippets of compressed formats online are available to protect payment.

How do you Accept payment?

I can accept direct bank transfer, or paypal. Cash payment accepted on conclusion of personal consultations. Services to be emplaced for BitCoin transactions.

Where do you work? Where can we meet?

I live and work in the Devon Area, but work online, so open to internet based commissions and web conference.  Able to travel with prior notice for the right client. All work materials transferrable by physical media or cloud service online such as Dropbox.

What is your experience?

I have 13 years hands-on experience in digital sound manipulation and production, self taught from 2003. I have collaborated with many artists (helping their production) in a non-commercial aesthetic and now am continuing in a professional field.

What are your rates?

Rates are negotiable to the length of time required and to the specialist work that Iam required for. All fees to be agreed on before work commences.