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Braintree’s finest,

Keith Flint was found today at his home in Exeter, having apparently commited suicide at the age of 49. This man, a vanguard rebel of both rock and rave cultures appeared as a dominating presence, some violent punk harlequin to herald an age of industrial dance music,  rock and Drum and Bass tinged beats. He was not alone, equally great figures, Liam Howlett and Maxim were brothers in a conquest to throw two fingers up at pop-based mediocrity.

“Who fucking cares if we’re not nice?”

Was a public dressing down given to a council, (in the newspapers no less,) for having a confirmed music gig banned. The Prodigy weren’t about making friends, they were about fighting with fire, finding family and forgetting fools.
These kinds of people often turn up in a decade no more than once, and very rarely do they burn so passionately without compromising their values. It goes without saying that the sound, energy and principles behind this band is what took this band so far in their rocket-like trajectory, and deserve a place among the stars. It’s tough for me to write this, having put a lot of myself, over time, into learning music, of the style pioneered and inspired by the eighties and nineties giants. The Prodigy stood proud, though, as being venomously vital and consistent in their style and aesthetic. More Punk than punk, heavier than rock, and more energised than any contemporary dance music. You can take any one part out of the prodigy, and it could still wipe the floor with any band close to their eclectic style.. but to lose Keith is surely a loss that can’t be replaced.

I personally feel, strangely, bereft. This man I have never met, but his voice is more familiar to me than most people I live around in this town. A sneering punk poet and rapper decrying society, while rising above. A Beacon of rebellion and passionate counter-culture, the life of a true Firestarter.
Braintree’s finest and fiercest, Keith Flint. RIP.

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What it is, what it isn’t.

Oh my,

Of course I should have realised that a bug in a software discovered after it is several layers deep in logic designs MIGHT have presented a bit more of a challenge than ‘a minor bug’ like I described.
What was a flaw that was easy enough to discover, took hours to fix and then rennovate code for, because more than one screen shared this issue or relied on it’s output.

For a simple application, I have spent a long time making this bespoke piece as easy to use as possible. However it is fine to work now and ready for further advancement, details forthcoming in the next rollout.
Which will be here, check it out.

Thank you for your continued interest + support,