Real Foundations for Virtual Business.

Been a  while since I posted last, bless you for coming back to read 😛 I suppose I had better describe my surroudings to allow you a mental view of my cosy settings. I am at the very least, warm, I have been keen on this given the weather, refrigerator-quality biting cold and spatters of ice water do no make for an inviting walk. I do not remember from childhood such unnatural cold, the vapour temperature tended to be analagous to air temperature in some way. Similarly, it is been a long time since I have seen a bright, eye-aching clear sky. Pollution I suppose is to blame, of one kind of another. I pray for the man made cataracts on the lens of earth to be removed.

So on a tangent, I left you bereft of my circumstance, a different coffee shop, related in part to my own employment by ownership. Dwelling deep in a private corner, musing on past actions and choice, you could spot me a mile off. Tablet, phone and keyboard in front of a small latte. Bearded and long haired, sporting a star wars top and feverishly tapping away at keys. I’d pass for hipster with a single tie-die item or woolen hat, perhaps I should sport a manbun/topknot affair, but then I’d be hipster in a KNOWING way, like I was being IRONIC, which would spin me off the deep end of fatuousness.

Still! that’s enough about my circumstance, at least my current coffee taking.I am looking at a screen, writing in what will soon be a three year old blog (as Wren Rock, I have posted as other things but that doesn’t apply here).

Reviewing my recent history, I have designed, created, invested and turned my mind to many an ulterior distraction all with the aims of achieving my bid to realise Wren Rock’s true foudation. A solid foothold with an intellectual property I am applying for the Patent of as soon  as possible. It is the beginning of a program of events wherein I hope to achieve many an invention, each aimed at advancing the state of music technology as a whole. This is for no other intention than to serve a sphere of culture and innovation that has brought me solace and  great friends. We each flow by our beats and harmonies, the more beautiful the friend, the more beautiful the music they love.
I am enraptured of, and serve beauty. There is room for a little ugly, funky and rocky kinda music in there, but you know, we all need grit in our picnics sometimes. 🙂

On my 33 birthday will be 3 years old, it has been twisting and relegating to my least uses. However it will be growing I assure you. From selling my VST software *due this year* and various music I have made. You’ll see a lot more of Wren Rock in 2017 ;P


And the Heavens Open Up..

.. There has to be a catch, seriously. In a lifetime of understanding compromise from accessing and downloading freebies I am SURE that the deliciousness of JUCE development software has to have some copyright and license wrangling attached. Nonetheless, I am favourably impressed by this set of packages.

Why is this of note, one may ask?

Wren Rock is taking the step of moving into independent audio software creation. Suffice it to say, along with an upcoming patent application I feel I must be prepared in the software arena to provide the new technologies available from said technology. This will in essence be quite the task, re-learning programming is not hard, but creating industry standard software is an involved endeavour, one I undertake with relish.

Wren Rock Software is due to be proprietry software but at a reasonable pricing structure. Music should be the focus.

N.B. I am, to be fair, looking at a LOT of options. I may chronicle my journey, if the community so wishes!

Until then, feel free to peruse my Soundcloud, tracks upcoming soon!

I.P and the art of Territory

I know, deep down, that this page does not receive traffic often, moreover I only drum up interest with matters of public concern from time to time. I think it is clear to see that I am a lefty, fringe theorist of the human condition with techy disposition. At the moment that is all the world sees of me, when it pays any attention.
Now empty promises are more widespread than rats and humans combined on this planet, and I hope to assure you that in the Second year of Wren Rock’s existential dalliance with reality, it has gained firm foundation.
Always remember, that public statements could be interpreted as promises to the public, but these are more I have put on here, they are promises I made to myself. To complete these obligations I have undergone some huge shifts:

  1. Built a new P.C with the best functionality for my desired software.
  2. Added the most streamline system I can while avoiding the idiotic system fudging of microsoft (Credit
  3. Sourced a software D.A.W from a company that has, from the beginning of my digital music career Proper, enabled me to pursue the craft I have dreamed of realising in my life’s work. (Credit to
  4. Saved and invested in Presonus Audio Monitors, which after a solid serious two weeks worth of research both reported to be, and proved to be, fantastically clear and balanced audio speakers. For the Price, well worth the investment compared to industry competitors (Credit
  5. Theorised, and realised an entirely new method of audio treatment for use in post production, post mix and even at other stages of audio treatment. With I.P and Copyright Secured for the idea, patent being applied for to retain rights to the invention proper in all variations.
  6. Created a new idea for an audio effect, known only as ‘Slam’ and I’ll say no morefor the time being.

I have had an eventful few years, and with the surrounding scenery shifting I feel it is paramount in my interests to introduce my inventions to show exactly what I dream of.

Peace and Love to you and all your family.


Recorded History.

Don’t worry..

It’s not political!

This is (actually) about music, and it’s about musical history and preserving it. Somehow, along the line I came up with an question, and it turns out I wasn’t the first to have this question. I did, however, come up with a new way to fix the problem it addresses. As a result I have been attempting to create a proof of concept through the audio software at my disposal.

It was on the accomplishment on the basic idea, and it’s proof, that I based this whole WrenRock enterprise, having faith in my producing capability as result.

Now, having updated my software, I have EXPANDED on my prior proof of concept to create this claim. I will be releasing Mastered tracks from historic recordings to show my ability in noise removal audio technology. This may take months and years to produce, as I feel obligated in this to extend this to as many recordings as I am able to discover. As a service to historians and gathered listening humans, I wish to create Signal/Noise reduced copies of such important records for the world to witness and ponder on. The first fruits are beginning to ripen, ready for the plucking. I cannot wait to share!

Learning Post Tag, dropbox service!

Update, I have a big bubbling  48gig dropbox space ready for use. The outcome being I can be reached online with work as soon as upload! Functionality is established 🙂 x

Minor editorial to the page layout until such time as pages can be populated by relevant data. Now the site is more streamlined and effective!


Promotions! the least part of my enthusiasm in trying to reach people. I would much rather talk to them up close, but  these artificially cross-linked complexes allow people to find me.

I guess the idea of visibility is definitely still a core perception from my childhood, being  a bit of a rehabilitated introvert with misanthropy dripping from my every pore.

This post serves to help me get onto the wordpress database and learn a little more about being a findable service, it doesn’t serve much more.If I get the hang of this I might actually get somewhere as an online entity, that said, have a picture of a kitten.