I.P and the art of Territory

I know, deep down, that this page does not receive traffic often, moreover I only drum up interest with matters of public concern from time to time. I think it is clear to see that I am a lefty, fringe theorist of the human condition with techy disposition. At the moment that is all the world sees of me, when it pays any attention.
Now empty promises are more widespread than rats and humans combined on this planet, and I hope to assure you that in the Second year of Wren Rock’s existential dalliance with reality, it has gained firm foundation.
Always remember, that public statements could be interpreted as promises to the public, but these are more I have put on here, they are promises I made to myself. To complete these obligations I have undergone some huge shifts:

  1. Built a new P.C with the best functionality for my desired software.
  2. Added the most streamline system I can while avoiding the idiotic system fudging of microsoft (Credit http://www.linuxmint.com).
  3. Sourced a software D.A.W from a company that has, from the beginning of my digital music career Proper, enabled me to pursue the craft I have dreamed of realising in my life’s work. (Credit to http://www.mutools.com)
  4. Saved and invested in Presonus Audio Monitors, which after a solid serious two weeks worth of research both reported to be, and proved to be, fantastically clear and balanced audio speakers. For the Price, well worth the investment compared to industry competitors (Credit http://www.Presonus.com)
  5. Theorised, and realised an entirely new method of audio treatment for use in post production, post mix and even at other stages of audio treatment. With I.P and Copyright Secured for the idea, patent being applied for to retain rights to the invention proper in all variations.
  6. Created a new idea for an audio effect, known only as ‘Slam’ and I’ll say no morefor the time being.

I have had an eventful few years, and with the surrounding scenery shifting I feel it is paramount in my interests to introduce my inventions to show exactly what I dream of.

Peace and Love to you and all your family.

Chris, www.WrenRock.org