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Confused identities.

You may have noticed a graft, a patch I overlayed with this domain. Full disclosure is that I have been overviewing a change of Domains. However I feel that, as an entity, is more worthy of my time. If you haven’t noticed, it’s not your fault, I doubt anyone reads this (right now).
I shall be sanitise the blog as well, making this more business-y and less homepage-y. Sit back and relax!



The Death of Disinfo and the Birth of more Weirdness.

If you had any attraction for the weird and mysterious in the nineties and beyond, then Disinfo had something for you, being a surrogate American twin to the now gone Bizarre magazine. It was a T.V show that featured a side-show appeal, dispersed with a few strange threads that a curious observer could look into. Strange books and stranger lives to study. With lots of deviant sexual antics, if not depicted, then described. No part of culture was too grubby for it’s analysis, the human cost of pornography, the future of transgenderism and the ideologies of iconoclast performance artists across the decades. However, across the attempt to bridge to modern cyber culture, Disinformation has become a defunct label, a felled bastion of counter-culture and lucid exploration of cognition and reality.

If you cared even a little for weird americana, psychedelics, stoner rock and the philosophy of deviants and reality changers, chaos magicians et al. Then Disinformation was a TROVE of podcasts, collected youtube videos and articles garnered from across the news and blog world to show you one thing. You’re wrong – you’re not wrong 😉
Open minded debate lit the door way to this understanding of both exoteric and purely artistic expressions. Reality and Art in symmetric symbiosis, fine minds and coarse contributed for the sake of keeping alive a culture within a culture.

It is not the only place for such communions, but it was a canary in the coal mine, the gas is getting unmanageable. (I may write a part two to this post)

A personal take.

I suppose it would be beholden of me to mark this event as both sad and, somewhat, a little fitting. In this framework of culture and counter-culture devolving through psychological warfare into headfuck Vs rival headfuck. The age of the anti-hero is truly coming into fruition, or so it seems. After more than a decade of being told every hero is a monster of some kind, every rise to power has a body count and every human is COMPLICIT in the sin of others evils’. We now find ourselves compass-less, and wondering what is right.
We have created and recreated the uprooting of culture (communal inheritance) through Rock’N’Roll, and it’s children. Can you hear an avalanche? To the point Noone even feels their soul, the essential inheritance not just from everyone and everything, but from ourselves as a reminder of what we are. Divine.
The brittle bed of contrary opinions and empty self-esteemed individuals surround the circling miasma of thoughtless and addicting media, feeding the emptiness, and not letting it be settled. Like a Hurricane cycling through hay, over and over.
I pray for the hurricane to be over, and for a stream of settling self-respect to come to these folks, but it takes life,and time, and as a gentleman of some experience, I must resort waiting and watching. Hoping this extremity of folks so beholden to the screen can break out of mere expressing themselves as an avatar, to knowing they are an avatar of greater potential.

Purposelessness, powerlessness and a general culture-fatigue has entered the bones of the western world. I think in the reflection provided by the internet’s mirror, we have been through a great self-analysis, resulting in a mid-cultural crisis. We see ourselves and our reliances as what they are, and have two competing opinions. One is that we must change to become a higher resourced and more eco friendly cultural model, the other is that we will never change and should worship the least of the monsters that hold power.

Forgive me if I do not bow to demagogues.

In fact, praise me. <- watch for irony! 😀

So what has Rock N Roll brought us, and what or whom brought Rock N Roll? It was a ideology of hedonistic self realisation, brought forward by both eccentrics and narcissists. Neither fitting the pattern of societal values or behaviours, and deciding on patterning society in their own light and image. There is, implicitly, an error to this equation. Eccentricity tends to come from some form of mental or emotional syndrome, narcissism is the straight up inability to consider outside perspectives that do not serve ones self image. This is the key to disaster, tunnel vision and madness with only madto compete with.

“I’m going off the rails on a crazy train”.

Then what next?

In a devolving presence of standards of what is, true, then what is right and NOW what is acceptable. We meet the shadow in the cupboard, the monster we feared as children, the failure of hope in ourselves humanly and collectively. It is this terror we must face together without animosity, but with respect. Perhaps the death of certain things is inevitable, but life, as the saying goes, Goes On.


‘More than Human’ – update.

If you have had any interaction with me for the last 7 months, it will be no surprise to you that I have been working on turning my hard invested work into a creative art project, in this case a game for social and imagination exploring & collaboration. Roleplaying games are a neutral canvas to allow all people to come together and play, without judgment or need for competetive hierarchy. The freedom this expressly includes in the fun it provides opens minds, lifts spirits and teaches us about things we seldom experience. I am a massive advocate for roleplaying games, and saying that it is the domain of only the geek is a massive disservice to the rest of the human race. Understand that the longer you spend in a campaign, the more likely you are to not only surprise your friends and make them laugh, or even cry, but yourself also, without fear or shame. There is a limitless sky to this game format, so long as the rules are settled and the guide is experienced enough, there is no reason that anyone could say that they would not have fun. Proselytisation aside, I have been including necessary additions to the Maze of Reverie Role Playing System. A Tabletop Roleplaying System devised by myself in reflection to the varied nuances I feel such a game should include. This said, I am thus convinced that not only should this game be a project base to build a community base on, but that I have full intention and resolution to build a Kickstarter project to  finalise the provision of support for all involved on this marvelous project. More news to come, stay tuned x



Big word, meaning educating, statements that unveil the mysteries. It does not mean necessarily in relation to the bigger schemes in life and universe, but in the inner workings of the micro, the work of men. I have been elucidating both myself and my immediate workmates and gamers with treat bits of information, and an increasingly expanded manual for a social gaming system in the style of Tabletop Role Playing.
While I have endeavoured to create an increasingly closed loop of consistent game logic that encompassed my precepts of how a game should be, these folks have shown incredible support and patience that is overwhelming, and I intend to reward in buckets.
The first round of game testing is to begin by the beginning of August, ‘More than Human’ is a name for a campaign that I have devised that is science fiction oriented, with many open questions and lots of deadly hazards. Our players will find themselves, bereft of memory, with only the narrative handed to them as the game progresses. They may have skill and aptitude, but no back story will prepare them for the creatures they will encounter. This world is as empty as it is busy, and our players will have to escape their first encounter before they can even remember who they are. Mnemonic Refugees take flight!


What’s this? Style change!?

Hey, look, brand-spanking-new content shazamming it’s way to your merry old eyeballs. Yeah, so I just changed the wordpress theme, so what? Well this:
This site has matured along with my outlooks on several presentations I have made over the years and I can heartily say, fuck it, I have a lot of stuff to engage in (I have ever been the multidisciplinarian) AND IT’S MY PREROGATIVE AS TO WHAT I POST ON THIS WEBSITE. I MAY AS WELL MAKE A HOME FOR IT AS I AM PAYING FOR THIS DIGITAL REAL ESTATE. All are welcome to visit, not everyone will be enchanted by my works, but by this I don’t  mind letting a few fishies go, after all I am not a greedy fisherman.

This said I feel that this Digital space has been woefully neglected and seriously under-capitalised on with what I could do with it. I could list off reasons, timing is a large part, you wouldn’t be too interested though & nor should you be!

In the accruing momentum I have been gaining, some awesome projects/ideas have popped up and I will be presenting them all here.

W.R.E.N.R.O.C.K is active.


An Appetite for Distrust/Shun

The roll-over of the wave of generations is soon complete, and we observe the grit and silt dragged up somehow has avoided the latest generation until the last point of maturity. Where previous generations have dealt with the lies of television and hollywood, to find that dystopia is the inevitable work in progress, the deepest betrayal is currently etching into the children and younger adults of today.

The understanding that they, like we, have been mis-sold PPI I mean an illusion of selfhood somehow equalling success.

In the fevered dreams of marketers, the selling of an idea of self-marketting is like finding the cash-cow that milks itself. Personality, the empty calorie of culture, is the property being sold to thousands and BILLIONS to those who lack emotional connection to others in simulation of a community. We have been fish that swim, and now we are all finding eachother caught on the net.

Problem is, only those who are sought out are being told they can be anything, and will do almost anything to remain in their provident niche.

Why we have become this is a matter of light pattern stimulated habits, albeit a long-story with vanished news articles. I will pre-qualify this by stating I will try to prove my reasoning. Until I can I will leave that stone unturned. For now.

Trash talk is the language of the internet, you may think that it is english, but all I see is sloganised emotivity and memes. When we take a measure of the average frenetic linguistics of our keyboard bashing contemporaries (it was hard to think of a kind word for them), we see a tenacity to win any argument inversely proportioned with the ability to form  reasoned,  well structured arguments. While this is nothing new and has been happening since the dawn of Tabloids, we do see a more personal hint of corrosivity; A need to wage vendetta on a qwerty-outlined, unemotional wall with all the impressionability of a formica worktop.

Where then, does this corrosion proceed?

A generation of orphaned cubicle-kids, who in their viable lives with unviable futures find a hint of things that scares them, insecurity. Show me any human who cannot guarrantee their futre and you will see a cut-throat in the making, and we are making a nation of them. Why this is the case I may only speculate, but we must secure this season against the tides of endemic uncertainty.

More to follow..

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The power of E(U)gress

Egress, to exit a confined space, to leave.

This is addressed to you, whom ever it reaches, with the power to cast a ballot to weigh in on a big chunky choice. You’re tired, and everything you see, has had a screen pulled over it.

We humans have a tendency to paint our immediate worlds with whatever comes to hand. It seems natural, cause and effect being tangible to us.

Problem is, this is used against us.

Every day the pressures of the world are framed in a false bias, your media and news are made by people who care more for sales than truth.

All the venom and bitterness created that was being aimed at the Conservative’s unjust (and increasing numbers say stolen) leadership, has been recast;

As a blame game on a ladder you won’t climb for snakes directly above us.

The breeding of frustrations in the working to middle classes, by Banking collapses, pension reforms and housing price explosions, have removed from us a sense of power to shape our destiny. We are angry, toxic, and immune to false hope.

Or at least I hope we are immune to false hope.

Because how we vote depends on how informed our ambition in the world is.

Neo-fascist and bigoted politicians would have you afraid for the meagre slice of life you have. Like it was as though it was NOT arranged to be such a thin and unstable slice. Teetering, fearing every threat and seeking security. Everything that was promised to you by example of youth is stripped bare for the name of austerity, a rather outdated and destructive policy, even on the staunch and stalwart British peoples.


Politicians spin their lies and weave the screen.  All of a sudden it’s not about why they haven’t brought enough food to the table. It’s about the poor kids next door eating into ‘our’ food. Generosity replaced with territorial fear mongering.

I ask you, when has life in our memory been so casually trodden on by the banking sector, by big business. When have the Conservatives been SO flagrant in ignoring the demands of the public. Petitions and demands over and over, thrown out for technicalities.

The biggest threat to Tory-misrule, as it happens, is the E.U. I remind you now that we helped shape the E.U as the strongest country in Europe to survive Fascist warfare from World War 2. We were called on to draft the European Convention on Human rights, enshrined in the Geneva convention. That same Bill of Rights has stopped an ever increasing incursion of Tory-meddling and spying on the normal folk of Britain. Extradition to other countries with less developed law has also been stopped by the E.U for good people who deserve Fair Trials.

We have done so well, so far. We have kept enough of the U.K from falling into poor decisions. We were right not to fall for the Euro, but to turn back from the only people who can intervene legally if our country falls to corruption beyond redemption? is a False solution.

To fix the world, we must begin at home,
Burning bridges is a sure way to drown when the floods come.