Maintenance and the Zen of Fixing Doohickies

If one were to suppose the emotional state and wonderings of those around you, one would come a-cropper pretty darn quick. We morph and wane and wax mind and emotion becoming all possible expressions of our unique selfness. Many go through estranged years not even knowing or being able to relate to their emotional state as it lies. Laying fallow, like some strange field awaiting the long delayed sunrise to invite the cycles to move, and crops and beasts to grow. These times find us when we are at our lonest, most bleak. We find solace in distraction and surface interactions, seeking a laugh or a thrill to hide from the indignant bruise, the shadow in hearts. Always though, we look onward at any star,hoping for a dawn, any gleam to remind us our sleeping despairs can break into hope. To repay homage to a future once believed in.
If you find yourself in such a quandry, such a rut and ditch. Understand your spirit is being tested, but you needn’t do this alone, professionals and volunteers are in this world to help you, and feel that capacity to reach out. Your hands can sometimes be all you need to change your destiny should you choose, I will be adding numbers of advice pages and call lines for UK and US services and charities literally there to LISTEN and SEE you THROUGH this long dark night of the soul. I implore you to relax your defenses and know; A king alone in his castle is a king who cannot prosper, be cautious, but let someone in.

With respects.


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