‘More than Human’ – update.

If you have had any interaction with me for the last 7 months, it will be no surprise to you that I have been working on turning my hard invested work into a creative art project, in this case a game for social and imagination exploring & collaboration. Roleplaying games are a neutral canvas to allow all people to come together and play, without judgment or need for competetive hierarchy. The freedom this expressly includes in the fun it provides opens minds, lifts spirits and teaches us about things we seldom experience. I am a massive advocate for roleplaying games, and saying that it is the domain of only the geek is a massive disservice to the rest of the human race. Understand that the longer you spend in a campaign, the more likely you are to not only surprise your friends and make them laugh, or even cry, but yourself also, without fear or shame. There is a limitless sky to this game format, so long as the rules are settled and the guide is experienced enough, there is no reason that anyone could say that they would not have fun. Proselytisation aside, I have been including necessary additions to the Maze of Reverie Role Playing System. A Tabletop Roleplaying System devised by myself in reflection to the varied nuances I feel such a game should include. This said, I am thus convinced that not only should this game be a project base to build a community base on, but that I have full intention and resolution to build a Kickstarter project to  finalise the provision of support for all involved on this marvelous project. More news to come, stay tuned x

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