Catch-calls & the useless facade of Racism.

Hello again, and again I go off-piste in an endeavour to churn out of my dark brooding a nugget of wisdom, or at least foreshadowing. To allow others to inform their perspective in the coming multicontextual tensions, to be played out at the geopolitical level, having been rooted at the grassroots level in each generation. Like legitimising Agent Orange after freely distributing knotweed in secret.

It feels as though the racist element of western society has been mobilised in the last ten years. Endeavouring to capitalise on the largely unverifiable engimas of Terrorist organisations. (Hey, dat N-word is waving a black flag, he be in with them!). The media of late have been leery of ascribing the terrorism tag to modern shootings and other events, understanding the zeitgeist is only accelerating with unverified labelling in emotionally charged times. One may presume that it is an intelligence decision to hold back the label from being slapped on every act of random violence, knowing people are getting wise to such tactics and negating the fear and tension meant to be distributed. With skepticism in the mass public, it is hard to believe something enough to be afraid of it. Such a conclusion may be unfounded, but it fits the facts as presented over the two decades since the WTC events, that were to set a tone for quite an era.

Understand, I set this as context, because I am beginning to believe that there are seasons in how our tensions are redirected constantly, at foreign neighbours, or our own adopted brothers and cousins, immigrants and refugees. I believe I had it clearly in my head twice now, just before sleeping. Until I set it to paper, I shall leave that though there.

Bland jokes and Catch-calls
In the world of Nationalist theatrics. There is a thin veil of acceptability that certain racist parties hide under, that makes for the guise of appropriateness. It is exploited among the less perceptive, and less confrontational peers these individuals keep as company (I falter to say “friends”). It is a way of flagging psychological preference and political undertones to find out, “radar” like, how accepting others are of their views.

“Catches your attention, but you can’t Call it out.”

The Catch-call is new a label for an old device, using timid jokes with little humourous content, to test others for their receptivity. It is akin to people who like to use demeaning humour to the opposite gender to find those willing to put up with their bigotry, and potentially, abuse. It is done in such a way that it makes no sense as a joke, and can’t offend in any SPECIFIC way and can’t be called out in it’s instances as being offensive. It will repeat though, creating a clowning routine of barely constructed racial slurs and imagery. This clowning around creates a backdrop of racially motivated interactions or passivity to the said agent of idiocy, placated only by the apparent foolishness of the blurted half-jokes. It is very cynical, and quite a dangerous tide to idle in. As it is almost always a Segue to more in depth conversation (read, indirect fear-mongering) that will be put to out to sway opinion among the more impressionable and open minded.
I hasten to add not all those who lack the intelligence to formulate a decent joke are automatically Catch-calling in this way. They will, however be attracted to these other, cynical individuals. Make no mistake, the more intelligent folk using this tactic will take time in manipulating the misguided souls to greater extremes, extracting greater bile and bitterness. More often than not, organising them before long.
It is a conduit of fear politicking in clear sight. I post this here in defiance. It is not a funny matter to needlessly racialise conversations, nor is it the right of any person to cast shadows of old political tensions, long since proven DEFUNCT, on the good times of decent people.
Allow me to say this, as a former aficionado of conspiracy culture and news, I never CONCEALED my bias. This leads me to think such people know what they are wanting to say and do is actually WRONG. It is a sign of weakness and I hope they understand this in time. I have been known to make the odd inappropriate joke, but in that I ensured that I was in company that knew me as being for the opposite of the scandalising humour I had used.

To be augmented.