And the Heavens Open Up..

.. There has to be a catch, seriously. In a lifetime of understanding compromise from accessing and downloading freebies I am SURE that the deliciousness of JUCE development software has to have some copyright and license wrangling attached. Nonetheless, I am favourably impressed by this set of packages.

Why is this of note, one may ask?

Wren Rock is taking the step of moving into independent audio software creation. Suffice it to say, along with an upcoming patent application I feel I must be prepared in the software arena to provide the new technologies available from said technology. This will in essence be quite the task, re-learning programming is not hard, but creating industry standard software is an involved endeavour, one I undertake with relish.

Wren Rock Software is due to be proprietry software but at a reasonable pricing structure. Music should be the focus.

N.B. I am, to be fair, looking at a LOT of options. I may chronicle my journey, if the community so wishes!

Until then, feel free to peruse my Soundcloud, tracks upcoming soon!


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