Learning Post Tag, dropbox service!

Update, I have a big bubbling  48gig dropbox space ready for use. The outcome being I can be reached online with work as soon as upload! Functionality is established 🙂 x

Minor editorial to the page layout until such time as pages can be populated by relevant data. Now the site is more streamlined and effective!


Promotions! the least part of my enthusiasm in trying to reach people. I would much rather talk to them up close, but  these artificially cross-linked complexes allow people to find me.

I guess the idea of visibility is definitely still a core perception from my childhood, being  a bit of a rehabilitated introvert with misanthropy dripping from my every pore.

This post serves to help me get onto the wordpress database and learn a little more about being a findable service, it doesn’t serve much more.If I get the hang of this I might actually get somewhere as an online entity, that said, have a picture of a kitten.



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