F.A.Q & Comms.

Should I ask a question?
You just did, well done.

I’m scared, this isn’t a normal FAQ, is it?
There is nothing to fear but fear itself, divest yourself of earthly concerns, and maybe clothes, send pics.

Are you a professional?
Professional what?

What if I want to contact you?
Relax, if I want you in my life, I’ll let you know. If I removed you, it’s for mutual benefit, move on.

Who is the owner of Wrenrock?
Me!? I’m just a dude with art and opinions with a penchant for optical illusions, art deco, post modernism and complex sound art.

What is Wrenrock?
Wrenrock is a project intended to fulfill many spheres of my technical and creative ambitions. It includes Software development, story writing, blogging, music presentation and (maybe,) publishing. When I turned thirty, I created Wrenrock as a platform I couldn’t find anywhere else, to build into a music software and media outlet over time. The initial outline has modified to become an app software and bloggin site, but I have plans to reassert my initial ambitions.

Where does the name come from?
The name itself began as I had been studying folklore and mythos of different cultures, including the Celts (as we see them, they were very tribal and diasporic in identity).

One of the legends to survive from then was the tale of how the Wren (Female of the species Robin) was coronated as the Queen of Summer by the bird kingdom. Despite it’s small size, it had managed a cry to cause even an Eagle to falter and take note in a challenge of who had the mightiest cry.  From within the shade of a bushel copse, this bird caused all to listen. In this I chose a symbol for being heard, in the original logo, a small bird stands on a rock poking out from water, the water I associate with noise, but the water is calm, and the wren stands ready to sing out.


Original Wrenrock.org Logo, Copyright 2014 Wrenrock.org